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Hotel History

Hotel History




The Hotel Gleneagles is the inspiration behind the worldwide hit BBC TV sitcom Fawlty Towers. When the Monty Python cast and John Cleese checked in many years ago for a period of three weeks, John Cleese was mesmerized by the behaviour of then owner Donald Sinclair and his wife.

War veteran Donald Sinclair had some unusual customer service style along with his formidable wife Mrs Sinclair. The character Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers, owing to his allegedly stuffy, snobbish and eccentric treatment of his guests, which included  and other members of the Monty Python cast. Many of the sketches that were eventually produced in this smash hit were actually directly based on those witnessed during the Monty Python casts three weeks stay, whilst on location filming in the area.

N.B. Although the ‘current photos’ are now out of date, Seaside History provides some great insight into the history of this building.




One of the highest rated AA three star hotels in Torquay, a position we have held for over four years now. Although proud of our association with this and recognized as a tourist landmark by Torbay, After several multimillion pound face-lifts The NEW Gleneagles bares little resemblance to the hotel that inspired the series. The reception desk still exists as does the famous staircase and the in/out doors to the Kitchen, which are all now resembling of a Boutique Style Hotel


Now a boutique style hotel, The Hotel Gleneagles has been transformed into a place the appeals to the modern day traveller, whilst still keeping its unique location overlooking Anstey’s Cove and maintaining its boutique feel with only 42 rooms. You will still find pockets of memorabilia relating to its fame, and periodic Fawlty Towers weekends are staged, but for the most part, this part of the hotels colourful life has been put to bed.


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